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Why partnering with TriNet makes sense.

At TriNet, we are very passionate about helping small and midsize businesses (SMBs) focus on achieving their business goals. For us to address the HR needs of this vast market segment, we need quality products, dedicated employees, and strong, mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. Your role as a Trusted Advisor plays a vital role in your clients' business, and we are excited to work together to address the importance of their HR needs.

TriNetConnect is a unique strategic partner program designed to foster our joint success and create a productive, resourceful strategic partner community. All of TriNet's services are delivered by an expert team of HR professionals and managed through a cloud-based technology platform that lets your clients efficiently conduct their HR transactions anytime and anywhere.

What type of referral partner are you?


TriNetConnect brokers have the advantage of offering their clients:

  • TriNet's multiple benefit options for health, dental and vision plans, which may be chosen independently of each other.
  • Mitigation of certain employer-related risks and liabilities.
  • TriNet offers a $1 million EPL insurance policy to help protect clients and ACA guidance to determine the best path forward for small groups (defined as less than 100 employees).


General Agencies joining TriNetConnect help their brokers:

  • Increase profitability by removing the costs, burdens and distractions their clients face when trying to build an in-house HR department.
  • Rate specific ACA guidance and reporting, including how to determine the best path forward when a state redefines small groups as less than 100 employees.
  • Manage their clients' HR regulatory complexities and mitigate potential HR-related risks and liabilities.


Alliance partners joining TriNetConnect are poised to help clients grow their businesses by:

  • Providing TriNet's high value, much-needed complementary bundled HR solutions and services.
  • Offering access to TriNet's products and expertise in managing HR and regulatory complexities, and mitigating potential HR-related risks and liabilities.
  • Removing the distractions of running an in-house HR department so they can focus on their core business.